A non-commercial, freely available translation patch for the Japan exclusive Wii title, Zero ~Tsukihami no Kamen~.

Find out what Lurks Behind
the Mask of the Lunar Eclipse

Explore the Depths of Rougetsu Island

Join Ruka, Madoka, and Misaki as they return to Rougetsu Island to find out the truth behind the unknown disease that causes drastic memory loss, and to discover the hidden secrets and tragedies buried whithin their pasts. Search for who you really are within the haunted halls of Haibara Hospital.

Chase the Sinister You Haibara

As Choushiro, track down the murderer from mainland Japan, You Haibara, and attempt to discover the mysteries behind the human experimentation that went on in secret on Rougetsu Island.

Protect Yourself from Deadly Evil

Discover the cause of the disappearance of all the villagers on Rougetsu Island, and battle the darkness that sleeps deep within the bowels of this isolated island.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I download this patch?

The patch can be downloaded right here Make sure to pick the correct version for your Wii system.

Will the patch run on my USA/PAL Wii?

When using the included patching method, the patch and the game will be able to be run on all Japanese, US, and PAL Wii Consoles. There won't be any problems with different regioned consoles.

Will different Wii updates make this patch non-functional?

There are two different versions of this patch included, one for 3.2 - 4.1 version Wiis, and one for 4.2 version Wiis. Further Wii updates may break the patch, but we should be able to provide a workaround within a reasonable amount of time.

What will I need to run the patch?

You will require an SD card of 1 gb or over, a Wii Console, and a "Zero ~Tsukihami no Kamen" Wii disc. A smaller SD card and a FAT32 formatted external USB HD can be substituted for the 1 gb SD card.

How do I use the patch?

Download the patch and follow the included instructions. It will involve copying the contents to your clean SD card, going into the SD channel on your Wii, and following the prompts.

Can I turn the patch on and off?

Yes. The patch can be activated and deactivated at any time. Once it is active, it is always active. Deactiving the patch will remove all traces of the patch from your Wii system.

Will the Extras be optional?

All extras are optional, and up to you to decide which you want to use. We encourage you to take a look at some of the hard work which people have done to enhance this patch.

Will the Dub project be optional when released?

Yes. All extras will be optional. We encourage you to at least take a look before you criticise a project unfairly, and to respond respectfully.

Where can I find more information?

On this site, a wealth of information lies. There is yet more to be found over at our sub-forum of Beyond the Camera's Lens.

Formerly known as TranslatIOS

Developed for the Fatal Frame 4 Patch to automatically exchange files on a Wii Disc with files from an SD card or USB drive.

Enables region-free loading for patched games, on any console of any region.

Runs directly from the SD card, with no need for any other homebrew or modifications.

Enables translations, custom levels, texture modifications, custom music, and other user created additions.

Exclusively for use with original discs.

Core Staff:

Colin "Tempus" Noga

Clayton "Mr.Mongoose" Ramsey

Mori "chabi" Yoshiya


Patch: Aaron
Extra Programming: Logick

Webhosting: Tsukasa035
Forums: Beyond the Camera's Lens

Chapter Images: Rei-chan
Extras: Darcness, Persephone, ZeroFrame783, Sora911!, akado6

Head Translator: Chelsea

Translators: Robin Schnoeckelborg, Emi, StarlaZero, Tsukasa035, Jazzysan, okidou542, Elwing

Editing and Alpha Testing: Sarah Dobson-Wood
Beta Testing: Darcness, Elwing, Robin, Emi, StarlaZero, Jazzysan, Karasuman, Chelsea, d3adliner

Special Thanks to the community and all other contributors or future contributors


Choushiro Ruka Madoka Misaki

Madoka Tsukimori

After the mysterious deaths of their friends, Marie and Tomoe, Madoka and Misaki head to Rougetsu island. Seeing a relationship between their earlier kidnapping and strange memory loss, Misaki leads them onwards. Madoka is a reserved girl, who is highly dependant on Misaki for support. She is afraid of returning to Rougetsu Hall, but is more afraid of dying and so struggles along.

Ruka Minazuki

The fifth victim of the kidnapping incident, Ruka is an outgoing but quiet girl. She returns to Rougetsu Island after hearing of her two deceased friends, to chase after Misaki and Madoka. Ruka is a bit of a daydreamer and a poet, and tends to get lost in thought, and reply with strange sentences as if she was never really paying attention to you. She finds playing the piano relaxes her, and allows her to remain calm and keep a hold of herself better.

Choushiro Kirishima

Ex-police officer turned private detective, Choushiro likes to play it cool. He had original been the one to find the five abducted girls, and has spent the better part of his time chasing down You Haibara after a series of murders in a Tokyo Clinic. His strong sense of justice seems to be what drives him onwards, but in truth he's got a softspot for kids and a dogged determination never to let a perp get away from him.

Misaki Asou

Perhaps the worst sufferer of amnesia out of the kidnapping victims, Misaki has become obsessed with the memories she lost. Finding a reason to return to Rougetsu island, she quickly gets lost in her memories while leading Madoka and Ruka along with her. Strongwilled but confused, what Misaki lacks in direction she makes up for in effort, and is ultimately more insecure than even Madoka.

Translation Patch Special Features

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Gossip Gamers
Nintendo Life

Fan Dubbing Project

A companion Fan dubbing project is still underway, aiming to bring high quality English Voice Acting to the Fatal Frame 4 Translation Patch. Dubbing is always a difficult and long process, even commercially, and they have many hurdles to overcome so cheer them on. Expect to see more results from them in the coming months.

Multi-Lingual Translation Initiative

Not satisfied with only translating it in English, the translation team has opened up the game to other groups of willing volunteers. Several other languages have begun translation, but currently only Espanol, Deutsch, and Fran├žais projects have made significant progress. Follow the link to look for your language, and look forward to other language translations in the coming weeks.

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Please use VLC (Cross-Platform), Perian (Mac), or the CCCP (Windows) to view.

Screenshot Gallery under construction.

Check back in a few days.

Gameplay Videos

Installation guide for Wii System Menu 4.3

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You'll need the correct Patch Loader, the English Patch, and a retail Fatal Frame 4 Disc.

Help Files

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A Two disk playlist of select Fatal Frame 4 music.

Game Help

Patch Bonus Content

Offsite Links

Save Files
A collection of Wii Save files for those who just want to nab everything quick.

Zero Wiki
Spirit List
Doll List

Message Board F.A.Q.
JPN Walkthrough by Demkote

To-scale maps with save points marked of every single room in the game, compiled by Tempus.

JPN Mission Mode S Ranks
JPN Alt. Mission Mode S Ranks
Japanese Version Playthrough


Wallpapers 2.4 mb

The Official Zero 4 Wallpapers, as well as other fan-made Wallpapers.

Splash Screens 765 kb

The splash screen, taken directly from the opening of the translated game.

Fonts used 389 kb

A collection of the fonts used for display in the Fatal Frame 4 Translation Patch.

Hi-res PSD's 462.7 mb

High Resolution 300dpi psd's for use in creating promotional material or other fan works.

Box Art

Replacement box art and disc art for the Fatal Frame 4 Translation Patch.




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Currently, there are only a few specific extras to be had. Expect more in the coming days, including add-ons to the game patch and more.

Scans of the Japanese Manual

Wiiflow Skin
--by d3adliner

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Our Official E-mail

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